Sunday, August 16, 2009

August Menu - Update

If you ever wonder why I don't plan a daily must-stick-to-it menu, here are a few examples...
Since the beginning of August,
1) Post-VBS, hubby insisted that I not cook that night. He said, "I will order and pick-up pizza or Chinese, which do you want?" He ordered enough that it provided 3 meals worth!
2) We were out of town 2 days.
3) He had unexpected meetings which kept him away at dinner time twice.
3) We had 2 unexpected events that took over our dinner time. One to which I contributed a side-dish, the other was a celebration for which we went out to eat.

So, at this point we haen't used a huge amount of our August Menu Plan. Here's where we are so far...

Other meal options this week include:

  • grits (daughter) & oatmeal (mom,dad,son) w/ raisins or blueberries
  • Egg in a hole
  • Muffins or Quick Bread and scrambled eggs (looking for a good strawberry muffin recipe - recommendations??)
  • Creamed Chipped Beef over Whole Wheat Biscuits (held over from earlier in the month)
  • Pancakes
  • Breakfast Casserole (haven't decided exactly which one yet)
  • cereal
Lots of leftovers, PBJs, smoothies, turkey & cheese sandwiches

You can find more menu plans at Organizinng Junkie.

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