Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swagbucks is Celebrating!

When I logged onto my computer this morning, I found a wonderful surprise...

Swagbucks is celebrating their 2nd birthday and they've got some goodies for us. For those who aren't familiar with Swagbucks - it's an easy way to earn free gift cards and prizes. Free. Really.

Search & Win

You join, dowload their toolbar, and use it as your search engine. Then, you start accumulating Swagbucks and before you know it you've got enough to trade in for a gift card. I tend to use mine at Amazon, but you can get gift cards for Starbucks, I-Tunes, Barnes & Noble and a bunch of other places too. There's lots of prizes to choose from. Last year I earned enough to get several Christmas presents for my kids and family for free - really, a 16 GB flashdrive for free! I didn't spend a penny.

If you'd like a bit more detail, you can see my first review of Swagbucks here and my suggestions on how to earn more swagbucks here.

I mentioned that today, February 25, is a big day for Swagbucks. It's their 2nd birthday and they're rolling out several new things. First is a new system where each previous Swagbuck is now worth 10. The same goes for the "cost" of prizes. A $5.00 Amazon gift card used to be 45 Swagbucks, now it's 450. The best news though, is that they're issuing a whole bunch of SwagCodes today (you can earn Swagbucks by entering the code on their home page). They'll be issuing them through Facebook, the toolbar, Twitter and the blog. So, be sure to check in frequently today. I've already earned 7 new Swagbucks today and it's not even 10:00 AM.(One word of caution - there are several phony Swagbuck pages on Facebook. Use the link above, or directly from the Swagbucks home page to be sure you get the correct one.)

If you're ready to start earning Swagbucks, click on the referral link or the banner on my sidebar and get yourself registered today. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly they add up.

Happy Swag searching!

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