Tuesday, October 20, 2009

5 Ways to Earn More SwagBucks

Christmas is coming fast. Faster than I'd like to admit. In my family, Fall seems to race by with a flurry of birthdays, a dash into Thanksgiving, and before I can put away the pumpkin pie spice it's Christmas. Around here we start making lists to make the Christmas rush a bit less hectic in September. Part of my strategy this year for keeping the costs contained is to use my Swagbucks toward some of our gift purchases. If you' haven't started earning your own free gift cards you can see my comments here or sign up here

If you are looking for a way to earn more Swagbucks, here are my tips, because you know, everyone appreciates a few free things from time to time.

Stay Logged In:  When I first joined Swagbucks I couldn't figure out why I was never getting any Swagbucks with my searches, then I realized that in order for my searches to register as a SwagSearch I had to be logged into Swagbucks when I did the search. It's just easier to stay logged in to Swagbucks than to sign in every time I turn my computer on. So far, it hasn't been a problem with viruses and such.

Invite Friends: When your friends sign up using your link, you earn Swagbucks every time they earn Swagbucks, up to the first 100. Even 1 or 2 people (including a spouse) will greatly increase your accumulation of Swagbucks. I was quite surprised at how quickly they accumulated when I first invited friends to join.

Download the new toolbar: At first I thought the new toolbar would be a bit annoying. But, honestly, it hasn't been a problem. In fact it's been helpful. One of the great advantages is that when you download the new toolbar you'll get this nifty little red envelope that will tell you when there are Swagbucks codes available to get you extra Swagbucks. This has really helped with accumulating them faster.

Following SwagBucks on Twitter or Facebook will allow you to see when there are Swagbucks codes available. They are pretty consistent about posting when a Swagcode is available to use. You could even follow them on both.

Read the Swagbucks Blog. Sometimes you'll find a Swagcode listed on the blog, and sometimes it'll be a bit of a scavenger hunt to find the code. It only takes a few seconds and can add a few Swagbucks to your account quickly.

 Really, these strategies have worked very well for me. I've almost earned myself a new kitchen appliance, for free!

For more Works for Me tips visit We Are THAT Family.


:) said...

Thanks for the tips. I do swagbucks too but lately haven't accumlated many. I didn't download the tool bar but maybe I should.

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

I'm going to have to look into the Swagbuck tool bar. Thanks for the heads up.

Amy Rainey said...

Thanks for turning me on to Swagbucks. I just turned in SB for 2 Amazon cards. I haven't done the toolbar yet either. I'll have to do that.

Honest Swagbucks Strategies said...

Stay logged in. That's so true. :) And now that they have Swagbucks TV on auto-play, that's another incentive to stay logged in. Then you can earn an easy 5 sb's.

BTW, I started a blog to share my journey with Swagbucks. Let me know what you think!


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