Monday, August 31, 2009

Menu Plan - August Update, September Plan

We've had fewer interruptions to our schedule in the last half of August, but somehow we still have a lot of unused items from our August Menu Plan. I think we had leftovers a lot more than I anticipated. Sometimes you just don't how much your children will want to eat.

So, at this point we haven't used everything from our list Here's where we are...
Now on to the September plan. This time I took a slightly different approach. I took the suggestion of The Happy Housewife and asked my family what we should put on our plan. I even asked them for suggested side dishes. Stir Fry, being hubby's favorite, is back on the menu and there are lots of Italian dishes. My family loves just about anything that involves spaghetti sauce. I wonder if I could learn to make it from scratch instead of always doctoring up a name-brand jarred sauce. Maybe.

My brother will be in town over Labor Day weekend. He'll be helping with some tasks at my Dad's. So, we'll need to keep the meals very flexible for those days. I didn't plan meals for those days as we'll mostly be eating from Dad's freezer.

The Plan for September:
Stir Fry x2
Mac & Cheese/Hot Dogs
"Go To" Chicken Casserole - from the freezer
Chicken Tettrazini
Breakfast for Dinner - waffles, sausage, fried apples
Hamburgers on the grill
Meatballs - maybe Sweet & Sour
Spaghetti x2
Pizza x2 (using this dough and this sauce, topped with ham & pineapple)
Honey Garlic Chicken
Parmesan Crusted Porkchops (holdover from August)
Sloppy Joes (another holdover from August)
Chicken & Dumplings (probably on the first really crisp day)
Vidalia Onion Pie (holdover from July & August!)
Twice Baked Potatoes
Leftovers x4 (it usually ends up being more like 6-7x, but we'll be optimistic here)

This week specifically I'm planning:
B - Waffles, bacon, fruit
D - Honey Garlic Chicken, corn on cob, cantaloupe

B - Baked Peach French Toast
D - Stir Fry (with onion, carrots, green pepper, zucchini) & cantaloupe

B - Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal
D - Mac & Cheese/Hot Dogs, zucchini, cantaloupe

B - Bird in a Basket
D -"Go To" Chicken Casserole (Hubby will probably be doing the cooking, so I chose something easy, all he has to do is heat it up)

B - French Toast & fruit
D - Dinner w/ extended family

B, L & D - w/ extended family

B - Scrambled Eggs & toast
D - Tortellini , green beans, cantaloupe

Lots of leftovers, PBJs, smoothies, turkey & cheese sandwiches

For more great menu plans visit Organizing Junkie.


Together We Save said...

Your sesame ginger chicken sounds wonderful.

Joshlin said...

I am working on planning meals like you have. I have strugled with it for some time now. I would love a few tips if you don't mined. Oh! I found your blog throug Vocalpoint. Just thought I would let you know. My blog is


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