Sunday, February 14, 2010

Menu Plan - February 14, 2010

Has it really been 3 weeks since I posted a menu plan? My goodness, time flies when you're snowed in and shoveling ... and shoveling ... and shoveling...

Last week we ate pretty much from the pantry & freezer because there was no getting to a grocery store around here - 40-50" of snow will do that to Maryland. I did finally made it out on Saturday for a few staples and even managed to snag some free coffee & brown rice.  So, I've made a plan this week, but I've only got a limited hope that we'll actually stick to it because we've got more snow coming later today. There's no telling what that will do to the roads and our schedules.

At any rate, here's the plan for the week:

B - cereal & Pop Tarts
D - Breakfast for Dinner -- a family favorite

B - Oatmeal packets w/ various additions
D - Beef from this recipe, broccoli, mashed potatoes & gravy

B - English Muffin Breakfast sandwiches
D - Chicken Stir Fry

B - Muffins & scrambled eggs
D - Shredded Beef tacos

B - Waffles
D - "Go To" Chicken Casserole; this time I'm using this soup recipe

B - French Toast
D - Leftover buffet

B - ??? To Be Determined
D - Spaghetti

This week I'm linked up to Menu Plan Monday and Chive Talkin's Mindful Menus.

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Melissa said...

Seems as though we're on the twice-a-week schedule for snow, so I know what you mean. It's good to have a well-stocked pantry!

I just ordered the 90-Day Bible. I was trying to follow along with my NIV study Bible, but I kept getting sidetracked in the footnotes!


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