Friday, February 12, 2010

Unbelievable Amounts of Snow

Blizzard #1:
Friday-Saturday February 5-6, we woke up unable to open the front door:

There's a 5" step below the door too! Much of what you see in the doorway is drift, but even without drift we had over a foot of snow overnight (our annual average is 12 inches) and it was still snowing.

The path Hubby dug from the back door to the shed. 
At that point the kids had dug the swings out a bit.

Yes, there was a bit of sunshine on Sunday & Monday between storms. 
Those trees in the background (¼ mile away) completely disappeared
on Wednesday during Blizzard #2.

Blizzard #2
After Blizzard #2, the path completely disappeared, 
and left these spectacular snow dunes in our back yard.

We nearly lost the mailbox after Blizzard #2. 
By the time we dug it all out the pile behind the mailbox was higher than the mailbox!

I have lived in Maryland all my life. I have seen big storms before with more than 20" of snow. This double blizzard is incredible. Schools are out for the remainder of the week, at least through President's Day (when we are expected to get more snow). Our road crews are simply not equipped to handle this much snow. The piles of snow are so huge I'm not sure they'll fully melt until April! 

If you've got pictures of green and flowers on your blog, please let me know. I've forgotten what they look like.


whocanfind? said...

Thank you for posting those pictures. It is really hard to even imagine that much snow, but its so neat to see it in a picture. I hope you're stocked up on necessities and keeping warm with all that snow!

Amy Rainey said...

Great pictures! I have decided that I will be doing my happy dance as soon as the first crocus pops up...that is of course if enough snow has melted to be able to see it.

Mama Cheaps conveniently had a cruise scheduled for the week of the blizzards...she has a pic up of the ship in the port of Baltimore, surrounded by piles of snow. A cruise to a tropical locale is sounding pretty nice right now! Whaddaya think? Wanna go? :D


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