Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Favorite Cookbook

This is without a doubt my very favorite cookbook.


Because basically... I wrote it.

No, I didn't create the recipes in the cookbook (well, not most of them, a few are my own creations), but I did write my favorite recipes in it.

This was given to me several years ago. At the time, as a busy career woman who did little cooking, -- it sat on the shelf ... completely empty ... for several years.

Then once I had children and my interest in cooking and serving my family healthier meals grew, I pulled this off the shelf and started entering my favorite recipes.

The book is already broken down into sections, you just transfer your recipes to the pages in the book. I really like this feature, because it allows me to tweak recipes the way my family likes them and then, I can write the directions the way I want them - because my control-freak-self has to have them written my way!.

See that.

That is my recipe for Honey Garlic Chicken. Definitely a family favorite. I'm making that tonight for a friend who just had surgery.

And this one is my Whole Wheat Banana Chip Muffin recipe. I've since removed the applesauce - it made them too heavy and they didn't rise properly.

I love that I can have all my favorite recipes in one place. This has become my "go to" cookbook. It doesn't live on the shelf with the other cookbooks; it lives on the counter. There is rarely a day that goes by without me using some recipe from this book and there's never a week I don't use it - unless I'm out of town.

This personalized cookbook definitely works for me.

For more great kitchen tips visit Tammy's Recipes.


Annie said...

I think I will have to invest in one of these. I keep printing recipes off of the internet, and then I end up just stuffing them into a notebook. It is not pretty to say the least. I need to take the time to write them down into one book.

Buffie said...

I did something similar with a small notebook I had on hand. I love it because all of my favorite recipes are in one place.

Kirby3131 said...

Wonderful. your kids are going to appreciate the cookbook when they get older, too.

Have a fabulous day!
Kristin (The Goat)

Diane said...

Wow, what a terrific idea!

shopannies said...

love this idea each of my girls have created their own cookbooks that they take with them as they leave the house

Coco said...

Such a great idea! i love that the book is already broken down into sections. i write down a lot of recipes from cookbooks, but hard time finding them later (& if I find them, hard time deciphering my handwriting...).

Sandra said...

That is really neat!


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