Monday, March 30, 2009

Goals 3/30 - 4/5/09

This is my update on how I'm doing on the various weekly goals I've set.

Here's how I did on last weeks goals:
Read Phillippians 5x. (Completed 2x)
Have a Quiet Time at least 5 times. (Completed 4x)
Walk/Excercise 3x. (Hah! zilch.)
Deposit checks.
Pay bills.
Laundry - 9 loads.
Coupons - clip, sort, file.
Clean Up receipts on kitchen counter.
Go to Walgreens - do deals, use RRs.
Make 2 batches muffins (made 1 batch)Make up Oatmeal packets for son. (7 packs)
Write 6 Thank Yous. (Sigh, no this is still on the to do list)
Ship 2 packages (Shipped 1)
Swish/Swipe Bathroom 5x (Completed 3 times - not too bad!)
Mop Kitchen Floor (at least) 2x (nope, not even once)
Clean off computer desk. (NOT! - see picture below!)

Well, I knew it was an ambitious list even before I started. I had three separate appointments during the week and that took away some time I had to complete tasks at home. I don't have as many appointments this week, so hopefully I'll be a bit more productive.

This week's goals are:

Quiet Time 5x (one done this morning)
Read Phillippians 3x before Weds
Clean off computer desk (see photo - it's worse than it looks!)
Clean off back table
Clip Coupons
Sort/file Coupons
Swish/Swipe Bathroom 4x (more reasonable goal this week)
Deposit checks
Pay Bills/Update Checkbook
File paperwork
Build a 4'x4' Square Foot Garden box (w/ hubby)
Laundry (7 loads) (1 load in washer now)
Declutter/Clean Kitchen counters
Mop Kitchen floor 2x
Ship package to Oklahoma
Read with kiddos: 6x each child
Make Ahead: yogurt, chicken stock, 1 batch muffins, hot chocolate mix, hummus(?)
Blog: 1 new recipe, grocery goal, Shoppers deal, ???

Again, this is a really ambitious list. But, if I don't write it down I won't get half of it done! A few of these have already been started, and some of them are planned for completion with hubby on his day off tomororw. Check back next Monday to see how I did.

What's on your "To Do List" for the week?

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L Harris said...

This is such a good idea. I'm thinking about doing it myself. But . . . I've created enough pressure on myself for my blog right now. I'll live vicariously through your posts.


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