Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Finer Things of a Double Blizzard

Amidst unbelievable amounts of snow -- a phenomenon for which I am still stunned -- there were many unexpected finer things...

The wisdom of a husband who shoveled in shifts, rather than try to do it all at once.

The companionship of neighbors who helped dig out our driveways and uncover our cars.

The joy of playing an antique game with my children.

The giggles of children playing on snow piled over their heads.

The calm of an anxious child who didn't worry when the snow blew so hard we could barely see our backyard.

The comfort of a warm mug of hot chocolate after hours (& hours) of shoveling.

The strength of men - who shoveled the roof of our church so that we could worship together.

The blessing of a slow melt when a fast melt would simply mean flooding.

The generosity of a former neighbor who loaned his mega snowblower so that my sister and I could clear my Dad's driveway a week after the second blizzard.

The love of a God so big he can still make my jaw drop and so merciful He forgives me when I rail against his creation.

These are just a few of the finer things I've been blessed with recently.

What unexpected blessings have come your way this week?


Alex Hall said...

Glad to see you not only survived the blizzard, but made the most of it as well!

Amy Rainey said...

Good post. I've been thinking about the slow melt as well...even though I would love to see it go away quickly ;) It has been fun to see people who normally don't make time for eachother, pull together to get things done. A friend in Baltimore worked with her neigbors to shovel their entire street when the plows didn't show up...they shoveled the whole thing, twice. Amazing.

My Blessing this week...My strong-willed four year old walking up to me randomly and saying, "Mommy, you are so beautiful." That just melts your heart. :)

Victor said...

Wow, you found a great way to spend the day despite the storms! It is sometimes better to get back to the basics!

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

This is a great post! Job 37 was a real comfort to me during the snowstorms. Isn't God amazing?


Joshlin said...

WOW! The pictures of the snow floor me! It looks like white sand! And that picture on one of your other post with the snow at your glass door!!!!! WOW is all I have to say!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

Oh my goodness -- that is a lot of snow!


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