Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keep Barrettes in Fine Hair

I am so psyched. I've been wanting to post this hint for a long time, but I hadn't figured out how to do it.

If you have a girl, like I do, with very fine hair you will love this hint.

I have learned a trick for keeping barrettes in fine hair. And it really works for me!

Barrettes just don't stay in very fine hair very easily. You put them in and an hour later at least one, if not both barrettes, have fallen out. I cannot begin to count the number of times I have re-placed barrettes in Cora's hair. If you've ever tried keeping barrettes in fine hair you know what this is like.

I've been putting barrettes in her hair this way for about 2 years now and I loooveee it. They actually stay in her hair -- most of the time.

So today I'm passing along this wonderful little trick. I'm posting this vlog of me putting a barrette in her hair. There's no audio in the video, so don't think you're computer has freaked out. It's just my phobia kicking in - camera goes on and my brain goes completely void of words.

Basically the steps are:
1. Place barrette through hair.
2. Wrap a small portion around the barrette.
3. Add a small additional bit of hair.
4. Clip barrette.

The video really does a better job of showing it than I can explain it in words.

I need to thank a few people for this hint.

First, thanks to my cousin who originally showed me how to do this.
Second, many thanks to my hubby who used his fantastic camera and video-editing skills to get this vlog together. He's really amazing.

For more tips and tricks that work visit WeAreTHATFamily.


HomeGrownMommy said...

WOW! I can't wait to start using that on my two fine-haired girls! Great tip!

Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

I love it! My daughter is still too young to sit that still, but I'm putting this tip in my hair-doing arsenal.

Joshlin said...

You have a great blog and have now been given an award at my blog http://asavingmomssanity.blogspot.com/. Congratulations!

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Oh thank you for this tip! I have pretty much given up on using barretts at all with my toddler!

melaniet42 said...

What a neat trick!!!

Erin @ Closing Time said...

What a great tip! Both of my daughters have fine hair, so I've been chasing and fixing barrettes for almost 6 years now! THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!!!! :)

Maria in Lewisland said...

Brilliant! So simple, but so clever.

The Beatty Family said...

I'm just so thrilled to read your post. What a wonderful idea. Thank you so much!


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