Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baltimore Sun - $0.99/week

 For the next 48 hours, you can get home delivery of the Friday, Saturday & Sunday Baltimore Sun for just 99¢/week. The fine print says the price is good for a minimum of 16 weeks.

If you have always wanted to be a couponer, but have been waiting for a good deal this is a great time to start. At 99¢/week you'll save more by using the coupons than you will spend on the subscription.

You can get this deal by calling 1-877-BUY-A-SUN and or go online to:  (You have to mention offer T483 to get the deal!)

The ad I received also said you can add the Wednesday paper for an additional 1¢. The Wednesday paper has the grocery store fliers so the combination of coupons from Sunday and ads from Wednesday can really help you save on your grocery budget.

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Amy Rainey said...

Hi! Thanks for this tip...I forgot to call today. Will try tomorrow. I wanted to share what I learned by shopping a new store today. I have always been under the impression that SuperFresh is expensive. Today I discovered 1)They accept competitor coupons (wooho!), 2)They double, 3)They have a scratch and dent section where I found bottles of Dawn dish detergent marked half price. With my .20 coupons doubled I got them for .40 each. Found other goodies there too. I also saw a promotion for purchasing $40 in Proctor and Gamble products between 10/2 and 10/15 with their bonus card to get a free Turkey. Other stores are requiring a $300 purchase over 6 weeks. SuperFresh will definitely be on my list from now on. One more thing...Food Lion has fresh chicken tenders and breasts for $1.77 a pound this week(thats a $3.22 per pound discount.) Okay...I'm done. I always get excited on grocery day :) Love ya!


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