Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Best Kitchen Tool #3

For the last two weeks I've been sharing my favorite kitchen tools. First we had the microplane. Then last week, we had the long handled kitchen tongs.

This week I have another tool that I love --this digital probe thermometer. This isn't any particular brand or recommended by any cooking gurus. But I love this thermometer. It reads instantly. You stick it in the meat and within a few seconds it tells you the internal temperature of whatever meat you're cooking.

I can use it on the grill.
I can use it on the stove.
I can use it when I'm oven roasting.
I can use it with the crockpot.
I can use it for chicken, pork, and beef.
It's wonderful.

I just pop off the cover. Stick it in the meat and wah-lah, within a few seconds I know if the meat is done or if it needs a few more minutes. I love that the cover lists the desired internal temperatures for the various meats. The button on the right also makes it switch to centigrade, if that's your preference. I just love this digital probe thermometer.

I've got one more week of sharing kitchen tools. What are your favorite kitchen tools?

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Mom2fur said...

We love our instant read meat thermometer! I can't imagine cooking meat without it. You never get undercooked and unsafe meat with one of these babies! (And they are also great for making sure the center of any casserole is nice and warm!)
I love kitchen tools/toys. I'd rather get them than jewelry. Can't say I have a favorite, but my post today is about putting my sometimes-forgotten electric knife to good use.

mub said...

My poor husband had to live the first 9 months of us living together eating dry tough meat because I didn't want to poison us. I asked for a meat thermometer and I haven't had that problem since!

Andrea @ The Train To Crazy said...

An instant read thermometer is a must. I bought a waterproof one (no more ruining them when I wash them!!) from Costco for under $5 the other day and I LOVE it. I too love kitchen toys and that is what I always ask for as a gift... well, that or books.

Mom2fur said...

Hi, again. No, I've never used my electric knife to cut chicken apart. I think it's a little too risky and I'd probably chop off my thumb instead of separating the leg from the thigh, LOL! We prefer boneless chicken, which I always stock up on when it's on sale. Of course, I buy the boney kind for soup, but I'm lazy and I just throw the whole thing in the pot. I even have one of those big, scary cleavers but I'm afraid to use it. Imagine...I'll use blades that move 90 mph, but I won't use a cleaver.

momstheword said...

A digital one. Now that's cool! I don't know what I can't live without. I suppose, in all honesty, I love my measuring cups and my kitchen shears. I prefer to measure when I cook instead of guess, and I use my shears for cutting all sorts of meats, etc.


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