Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Best Kitchen Tool #2

Last week, I introduced you to one of my favorite kitchen tools, the microplane.

This week I have another tool that I just love. It is this pair of kitchen tongs. I think this pair of tongs, shown in the picture, is by Oxo Good Grips. I've had them for several years and I can't remember exactly where they came from. It is not the pair of Oxo tongs sold on Amazon or on the Oxo website.

I use this pair of tongs for lots of things:
  • sicking up hot chicken to turn
  • serving spaghetti noodles
  • picking up hot porkchops.
  • serving any pasta
  • picking up hot steaks
  • picking up hot, almost, anything

I use them on the stovetop. I use them on the grill. I love the way they grip without crushing the food. I love the non-slip handle. I love that they're long enough to turn hot food without burning my hands. I love that they goes in the dishwasher. I REALLY love that I can open or close them with only one hand.

See that thingy on the end (where the arrow is pointing)? That is the magic of this pair of tongs. Turn them down, that thing falls in and the tongs open. Turn them up, that thing pops out and the tongs stay closed. If my other hand is holding something, which happens frequently, I don't have to set one thing down in order to open the tongs. They're wonderful. I do not know why Oxo changed the design. I really think that was a mistake. The ones they sell now require a second hand to pull or push the nob on the end in order to open or close them. It really stinks. I was given a pair like that. I sold them at a yard sale.

Kitchen tools can be very personal. What do you look for in a pair of tongs?

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Joanna J. said...

I have that exact pair of tongs, and I LOVE them! I can't remember where I bought them...it's been several years. But, yes, they are very handy in the kitchen and I usually end up using them every day.

Kaycee said...

I have some tongs made for non-stick pans and I use them all the time. I think every kitchen needs a pair.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

This looks like quite the handy tool! I have many Pampered Chef tools that I adore. Sure wish those tools would motivate me to do some more cooking! :)

Thanks for sharing...I'll have to keep my eye out for the "older version".

Denise said...

Those look really nice. I don't currently have any tongs in my kitchen, the ones that take two hands to operate are no use to me, I've always got something in the other hand. I will have to look around for a pair like yours.


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