Thursday, June 3, 2010

Discount Grocers in Maryland

Shoppers 051509 Did you know there was such a thing as grocery stores that sell all their groceries for a discount (not just a few sale items?)  I’ve never shopped at a discount grocer, but inspired by this post from Getting Freedom I went in search of Discount Grocery stores in Maryland.

Here's what I found:
A listing of discount grocers by state. I found two in Maryland: 1 in Caroline County, the other in North East (Cecil County?).

Then I found this discount grocery store chain which is affiliated with Food Lion: Bottom Dollar Food (they have stores in Gaithersburg, Frederick and Laurel).

For Marylanders, if you're looking for cheaper groceries, and live in reasonable driving distance of  these stores, it would certainly be worth the trip to check them out.

For non-Marylanders, you should be able to find a discount grocer in your state at the list above.

Have you ever shopped at a discount grocer? What do you like or not like about them? Do you know of other Discount Grocery stores in Maryland? 

You can find more tips for frugal living at Frugal Friday on Life As Mom.


shopannies said...

wish there was one in this area you can bet I would check it out

Linda said...

I'm in Maryland and I've been enjoying having an Aldi close by. I think I've been to the store in Laurel. Thanks for the reminder because I should go back again.

Shoshannah said...

I am not sure where you live in MD but I live in Havre de Grace and go to Quarryville to
B.B.'s Grocery Outlet, 581 Camargo Road all the time. They do not take coupons but I love to go and see what I can find really cheap there.


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