Monday, April 19, 2010

A Busy Week

My apologies for the sudden quietness over the last few weeks and especially last week. In the last seven days we have:

  • picked up my brother at the airport (He lives in Oklahoma)
  • spent 4 days cleaning out the barn, shed, attic and other miscellaneous nooks and crannies at my Dad’s house
  • visited and caught up on life with my brother
  • found out my son’s best friend is moving away
  • baked cookies and taken stuff (from Dad’s) to a Yard Sale to raise funds for a Youth Mission Trip
  • moved my brother’s portion and some of our portion of Dad’s furniture out of the house
  • celebrated the 65th anniversary with our home church (an hour away) at a concert in which my husband both sang and played piano
  • visited with many past friends – both my friends and friends of my parents at the above concert
  • received news of the crumbling marriage of friends
  • attended the ordination service of a good friend who’s going to challenge the church in many awesome ways.

There’s been a lot happening, but there’s not been much time available for cooking, couponing, deal hunting or blogging. There’s not been much time for thinking for that matter.

The last few days are ripe with blog fodder. I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of it in the next week or so. In the meantime, for today, I need to spend some time with God figuring out what He has to say about all this. And then I need to spend some time catching up on the other daily tasks of Casa Unfinished Mom.

I’ll be back when the unfinished to do list is a bit less unfinished – ‘cause you know it’s never going to be finished.


PS: Don’t forget to enjoy a Blizzard at Dairy Queen for $0.25 this week.

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Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

You most definitely have a lot going on; I certainly appreciate your visit to my site all the more now!

Enjoyed reading the attic tips. While we don't have an attic, we use our garage like one :)


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