Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bible in 90 Days - Week 1 (and ½)

It's been more than a week since I started this challenge and I've barely blogged at all and haven't posted any kind of update on how things are going. That's mostly been because I've been busy reading!

Reading the Bible in 90 days is definitely a challenge. It takes a good chunk of time and if you're going to be successful you have to plan for that chunk of time. Something else in life has to give - for me that's been blog & internet time.

Getting all the reading done in one day has been up and down for me, some days are great, some days are terrible. I was a full 2 ½ days behind on Sunday, but as of noon today, I only have 6 pages to finish of today's reading and I'll be completely caught up. Many thanks to my new Twitter friends for encouraging me to not give up. This has definitely made a difference in my motivation to keep going

Here are a few things I've noticed along the way (some good, some, well, - not so much)

Doing this with a community of readers has definitely helped. When I get discouraged I can send out a tweet, and the Twitter community comes back quickly with encouragement. This is definitely not something I'd want to try all alone.

Using the Bible in 90 Days has been helpful because each day's reading has a clear beginning and end. It has made keeping track of how far I need to read each day much easier.

Setting aside the time has been a struggle at times. For some it may take less than 1 hour, but for me it takes about 1¼ hours to read all 12 pages every day (I'm a slow reader). Having a set time when I will do this is helpful.

Thursday & Sunday seem to be the most difficult days for me to get all the reading done. Typically on Thursday I'm out of town most of the day, and when I get back I'm so tired I don't want to read. I'm working on a plan to either read ahead or get up earlier so I can get that day's reading done before I leave.

Sunday is a different kind of challenge. This may sound a bit oidd to some, but Sundays around here are typically quite busy and there's little down time for this momma to settle her mind and focus. (School days when kiddos are at school is easier for me.) This past Sunday I did get about ½ the reading done, but I started Monday pretty far behind.

A few observations or things I missed or topics i need to delve into further (after April 1):
From the life of Abraham: even great disciples screw up sometimes. Sometimes they screw up the same way more than once.

From Moses: Even gifted leaders need help. The needs are too many. We burn out our leaders when we expect too much of them.

Why were there so many different kinds of offerings? Why different offerings for a guilt and sin?What was the fellowship offering for?

From Numbers 14: The Isralelites, didn't have fait to enter Canaan, God rebuked them, then they tried to undo their wrong, but God was not with them and they were defeated. How does this apply to us when we don't do what God tells us, He reprimands and then we want to go back and try to undo what we didn't do correctly in the first place?

The first several days I didn't take notes at all. I just read. But, the last several days I've taken HappyHousewife's suggestion and started writing notes on sections I want to study later on. I'm hoping to track some of them here on the blog.

To find out how others are doing with their Bible in 90 Days Challenge, visit Mom's Toolbox.


Amy Rainey said...

I'm proud of you for keeping up with this, it is a huge undertaking for the mother of small children. Don't give up!

Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

It sounds like you are doing very, very well. Like Amy said above, it IS a huge undertaking with little ones... but you CAN do it! I'm proud of your determination. Keep going and you will be amazed!


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