Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tools - Not Just for the Garage

Ever been in the midst of preparing dinner, pulled a pan from the cabinet only to realize the handle is about to fall off? Or the knob on the lid is only barely hanging on? If you've been cooking for more than, oh say, a week, this has probably happened to you. This can be abundantly frustrating because nothing says kitchen mess like a dropped pot of sauce when the handle falls off.

If you're standing there trying to get dinner together with a loose lid and you realize the closest screw driver is in the garage, shed or basement workshop, you are probably frustrated. I once had a lid knob come off, leaving the hot lid on the pot with no way to take it off and stir the sauce without burning my hand. Not fun.

So what to do?  Enter a bit oif advice I learned from my mother -- keep a small tool  kit in your kitchen. Mom kept a multi-purpose screwdriver and hammer in her "junk" drawer. I keep this small tool kit in a bottom kitchen drawer. Everyone in the house knows where those tools belong. They look different and are a bit smaller than my husband's tools so there is no confusing them with the real  manly tools of the house.

They work for more than just pot fixing too! Tonight, when asked to remove a Lego from a Bionicle's hand, and when bare-handed pulling didn't work, I sent my son to get the pliers. He knew without asking which pliers I meant. And he didn't have to go rooting around in his father's tools. A few seconds later the task was accomplished.

Personally, I think every woman should be given a small took kit when she leaves home. Keeping tools in the kitchen definitely works for me.

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Amy Rainey said...

This is a great tip! I agree that every woman should have her own tools. How do you get everyone to put them back? Maybe if I paint mine pink...

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Great tip! I have to pull out my screw drivers whenever a toy has a battery that needs to be changed. Seems like all the compartment lids are screwed on these days. I don't remember toys being like that when I was little! (But then again...that was a long time ago!)

Arlene said...

I don't remember where I first heard this, but I have always kept some tools in the kitchen, too! I leave a little basket in the cabinet under the sink and it has a screwdriver (that has interchangeable heads so it will fit any type of screw), hammer, some nails, hooks, velcro tabs, junky-but-strong scissors, wood glue, a couple of lighters, and a blade/scraper. It is a great idea! :o)

Hannah said...

Oh, this is a good tip! I've thought for a long time that I need my own set of tools, and you're right that you need them in the kitchen!


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