Sunday, August 9, 2009

Free Summer Stuff - A Few Reminders

Just in case you missed it before I thought I'd remind you all of a few freebies from the summer...

1) Free Chocolate: Each Friday morning at 9:00 you can get free chocolate from M&M Mars. The promo continues through September 25. I've gotten the limit -- 4 coupons for my family. Each week 250,000 people can get a coupon for free chocolate. Go here Friday morning to get yours.

2) Free Movies: Regal Free Family Film Festival still has two more weeks in our area. Regal theaters throughout the country are showing G and PG rated movies at specific times each week for free. Go here to the Regal Website to get more details and find out which theaters in your area are participating. We went to Star Wars the Clone Wars last week and this week we're going to see Charlotte's Web.

3) Free National Parks: There is one more weekend of fee-free weekends at National Parks all over the country. We went to Fort McHenry (home of the National Anthem) in July and we're planning a trip to Harper's Ferry this weekend. You can go here to see a list of the parks in Maryland that are participating and here to to get more details and find locations in other parts of the country.

Don't you just love free stuff!

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