Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cheap Mocha Latte

Back in our DINK (double-income no kids) days, I got accustomed to drinking mocha frappoccinos by Starbucks, almost every morning. It started with an occasional visit to the Starbucks near our home, then hubby found the bottled version at BJs and surprised me with a case of them. Before long it was a habit, an addictive habit.

Then, we had kids. What had been a wonderful indulgence, I quickly realized, was a luxury that just didn't fit the budget. So, I found a cheaper version... this time it was adding a special Chocolate Caramel creamer to my home-brewed coffee each morning.

Then, we moved. And I could no longer find my beloved creamer. None of the stores in our new town carried the flavor I loved. I made several requests at several local stores, but to no avail.

So, I came up with a new plan:
1 cup coffee + 1 splash milk (or half & half )+ 1 squirt of chocolate syrup = One mocha-latte

My version is really good and a whole lot cheaper than buying Starbucks, even the bottled version. And it's easy too! It works for me.

Maybe one day to be even more frugal I'll give up the chocolate and then the milk. Nah ,I'd probably give up coffee all together if I couldn't at least have it with milk.

This was originally posted on my old blog on October 8, 2008.

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Sharon said...

yep--works doesn't it!!?!!


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