Monday, June 1, 2009

Printable Coupons

Thanks to a reminder from MoneywiseMoms today, I remembered that it is the first of the month and many of the printable coupons have reloaded.

My favorite sites for printing coupon are and

I've already spotted coupons for YoPlait yogurt, Nature Valley Granola bars and more Kraft cheese coupons.

Here are a few tips for printing coupons:

  1. If you've never done this before, you have to download the software. Both and SmartSource will prompt you how to do this. This software enables you to print the bar codes that come on coupons. And honestly, I've never had a problem with it interfering with anything else on our computer.
  2. Do check that there's paper in the printer first. It's rather frustrating to have to go get paper when you're excited about a good coupon you just found -- Ask me how I know.
  3. Don't make the beginner mistake of printing every coupon. It's not likely you'll use every one, and printing them does cost you paper and ink. Pick the ones you are most likely to use and print those.
  4. The coupons usually print 3 to a page. I generally try to pick coupons in multiples of threes or if I've only got one, then flipping the paper around to print the second copy (see #4).
  5. You can print more than one copy of most of coupons. You only need to click on your browser's back button and it will initiate a second printing of the coupons.
Bonus Site: CouponsInc.
This site has an ongoing list of "bricks" coupons and links that are currently available. You can also print these twice by clicking your browser's back button. I spotted one today for $3-$5 off Leapfrog educational software.

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