Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My "Ah-Ha" Moment

Or maybe it's a "Duh... What was I thinking" moment.

Thanks to a recent post from LifeAsMom I had one of these moments this week.

She mentioned in the post that her measuring cups were a bit dusty. "Huh. That means she doesn't wash them every time she uses them. That's interesting."

And then it occurred to me, that it really isn't necessary to fully wash every utensil and measuring cup that I use in my daily cooking. If all I've done is measure flour or baking powder do I really need to wash it? Probably not. Liquid stuff... yeah it could probably use a wash. But, flour, sugar, dry stuff... a quick rinse is really all it needs and it's fine to measure the next thing.

Imagine the dishwashing liquid and time that I will be saving by not washing and rinsing every item in my kitchen!

Do you wash everything, or are there some items that just get rinsed? This tightwad needs to know company.

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whocanfind? said...

I don't wash in between ingredients, unless it's liquid, but I probably should just do a quick rinse and be on my way. Thanks for the tip!

Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship said...

I totally just came to that revelation as well! Especially if I just use a meas cup for water (like for oatmeal) we leave it to air dry on the counter and put it away. I also wrote a whole post on the empty containers in my fridge, awaiting more food of the same sort - same simplicity/laziness idea! www.kitchenstewardship.com//2009/03/03/carnival-tips

♥ Joanna said...

In my house, measuring cups get washed unless they contained water, or a different dry ingredient. If it held water, I just wait till it's dry and then put it away with the rest. No reason to clean up after H2O. :)

Snow White said...

It may be an easy to way to cut down on washing, but with food allergies at our place we wash everything to avoid cross-contamination.

Anonymous said...

I leave a 1 cup measuring cup in my flour, sugar and dry bean canisters. They stay in their canister when not in use. Saves me time in looking for a clean cup while cooking and in washing up.


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