Friday, June 26, 2009

Books, Books and More Books

I was at my Dad's yesterday, cleaning. Well, really, clearing out stuff and reorganizing books.

Oh my, the man had a lot of books.

I mean A LOT of books! We could probably stock a store with the books in his house.

We've got a whole shelf full of Max Lucado, another of Philip Yancey, as well as bunches of books by Charles Spurgeon, Billy Graham, John Maxell, William Barclay, Chuck Swindoll, Norman Vincent Peale - I can't remember them all.

What does it say about a man who has 4 stacks 2 feet high of presidential biographies?

His living room floor is currently covered in books as we try to sort out what's what.

We've found...

...Chicken Soup for "Every Soul Known to Man"

...Biograhies of everyone from Madeline Albright, Jackie Robinson's, John Calvin, Michael J Fox (that one really surprised me), and Robert the Bruce!

...A whole shelf of gardening books

...8 inches of Louis Lamour - after we'd already cleand those out (we thought!).

...60 different Bibles! (some very, very old Bibles that belonged to my grandparents, many different translations)

...My dad's first pair of shoes (why were these kept with the books??)

...World Book Encyclopedias from 1970s plus every year book since!

... and many hundreds more that we haven't begun to go through yet.

(long sigh) I think this process is going to take a while.

And what on earth are we going to do with them all once we get them organized??

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