Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet Dog & Rabbit

Meet Dog, Rabbit and Rabbit's brother:

These animals are my children's faithful companions. And they definitely worked for me when the kids were toddlers and still taking naps.

Dog was the first on the scene.

He came into our lives just a few weeks before my son was born. In those days he was furry, fully stuffed and his seams were completely smooth. But the best part, for me anyway, was that he is washable! When he turns from "Dog" into "Grubby Pup" I can toss this puppy into the washing machine and dryer and in just a short while he is clean, germ free and ready for play. This has been a wonderful attribute. As my son's animal of choice he has seen more than his share of dirt and bodily fluids. But, a swim in the washing machine -- even in the middle of the night -- and he can return to his favorite friend without this momma worrying about any ick he may transfer.

The second thing I really love about this dog is the bell in his butt. Yep. Dog has a bell in his butt. After Joseph could roll over, I started putting this dog in his crib on a regular basis. They quickly became fast friends with Joseph chewing on Dog's tag or more likely his tail. But I realized the best part came a few months later when Joseph woke up from a nap.

He woke up, rolled over, grabbed Dog, and shook him. Dog's bell rang and I realized "Hey, he's awake!" Ha! I didn't have to go in and check on him every 10 minutes. I didn't have to wait for him to cry. I just waited for the bell. And like a timer going off I knew - He's done! This made my life a lot easier.

There was just one problem. There's only one of him. This became an issue when carting Dog back and forth to daycare or over to a friend's or Granddaddy's. If we left him at home we had to find a substitute. My son accepted these substitutes, but not joyfully. Dog was always the favorite and life just wasn't as perfect unless he was there.

Two years later, Rabbit & Rabbit's brother (Yes, I know they're pink) arrived in our house. I was so pleased with the success of Dog that when I was pregnant with Cora (now age 5) I went in search of another animal. This proved a bit more difficult. I knew from experience that the animal had to be washable. But I also wanted one that made a noise; preferably a pleasant noise. It took quite a bit of searching, but eventually I found Rabbit. Rabbit also is washable and Rabbit has a rattle in its head. This solved two problems. I could wash it and I could hear it. But I, now being an experienced mom, realized that I needed two animals, not one. So, I bought two.

Thus, we brought home Rabbit and Rabbit's brother. One lived at home and the other lived at Daycare. This meant I didn't need to worry with remembering the animal every morning and afternoon. This made life easier.

Washable animals with a bell in their butt - definitely works for me!

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Katie, Kevin and kids said...

Too cute. My kids all have their own "creatures" I don't know what we would do without our bunny, hippo, and monkey. We actually have back ups of all three. I switch them out each week when one goes in the wash. So far none of the kids have caught on to the twin lovies:)


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