Monday, April 20, 2009

April Kids' Picks - Reading

Joseph (age 7) recommends:

Kapow! by George O'Connor This is a great book for any young boy, or girl, (4-7 yr olds) who likes super heroes. My son has taken to checking it out of the library - frequently. The young boy and his friend are transformed into super heroes, "American Eagle" and "Bug Lady", and we, as readers, get to float back and forth between the real world in the boy's home and their imagined world. My son loves it because he gets to see into someone else's imagination. One reason I love it is because it reinforces his creativity while at the same time reminding him to be responsible about when to use his imagination and when to turn it off. I highly recommend this book.

Ker-Splash! is the follow up to Kapow! This time the kids are at the beach and battling a super-villian (who stole their sand crab) with the help of a younger brother, "Manphibian". This story deals with sibling relationships as well as bullying. I love the lesson learned by the two children as their own poor choices get turned on them. The clear colorful illustrations in these books were what caught our attention. But the story and lessons are what keep us coming back.

Cora (age 5) recommends:

Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor is a delightful story for any girl (age 4-7) who loves to dress up. Nancy is a little girl who loves all things fancy. "Yellow is plain, gold is fancy," she informs her audience and her plain family as she teaches them how to be fancy. My daughter loves this book simply because it highlights the fancy things she also likes. I love this book because it capitalizes on her imagination and teaches her new vocabulary (stupendous, posh)! (Is there any little girl who hasn't discovered these books yet?)

Fancy Nancy: Bonjour Butterfly is a wonderful addition to the very popular Fancy Nancy series. In this book Nancy is fully enamored with butterflies. She is elated when she is invited to her friend's butterfly birthday party. But, her mother informs her she cannot go because it is at the same time as her Grandparent's anniversary party. (Mad is way too plain for how she feels!) But, the fancy party turns out to be just her style! One more great addition to a delightful series.

For more children's book recommendations visit 5 Minutes for Books.


Anonymous said...

My girls like Fancy Nancy, too. So far we've avoided the Fancy Nancy aisle at Target (the dolls, costumes, and stuff, I mean). ; )

Alicia said...

I had never heard of Joseph's recommendations. Those sounds great! The second one could really be fun to take with us to the beach! Thanks for sharing!

Bluestocking said...

I haven't heard of any of these. Here is mine. It's for older children.

Beings in a Dream

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I love the sounds of those first books. They would probably be fun to read aloud.

Cynthia said...

I think my older son would like those first books. I'm adding them to my list!


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