Friday, March 13, 2009


Yes! There is a coupon in today's (3/13/09) Baltimore Sun for FREE CEREAL at Shoppers good from Thurs 3/12 - Sunday 3/15.

The coupon is on page - News 7. You must get it from the Baltimore Sun; you cannot get it in the store.

Here are the details: Limited to one box free per coupon and one coupon per customer and is good up to $4.00. You must make a $10.00 purchase and use the coupon to get the cereal.

There are tons of good sales at Shoppers right now, including Triple coupons to $0.50 and Double coupons to $1.00. Shoppers also has the cheapest eggs and milk in my neighborhood.

This is a great deal - tell EVERYONE!

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Angela said...

I enjoy coming to your blog to get the scoop on the deals!


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