Monday, January 12, 2009

Goals for the Week 01/12/09

I am a self-professed disorganized mother. In particular the efficient use of my time is frequently a problem. It was a problem long before I ever became a mom; being a mom just made it more obvious (at least to me). It is also one of those things I am constantly trying to improve about myself.

SO, in the interest of self-improvement and trying to be honest with myself, here is the list of things I am going to try to accomplish this week while my children are at school ...

  • Quiet time with God, daily
  • Clean kitchen sink & stove top daily
  • Make bed daily
  • Give bathroom a swish and a swipe, daily
  • Finish the laundry I started on Saturday (4 more loads)
  • Deposit paycheck and pay current bills
  • Finish filing the 2008 paperwork
  • Set up the file for 2009 paperwork
  • Take down Christmas Tree and put away all ornaments
  • Meet my sister at my Dad's and begin cleaning out his house
  • Begin Thank You notes for funeral & Finish Christmas thank yous
  • Clip and organize coupons
  • Grocery Shop
  • Help Hubby pack for 2 day trip

Some of the above are habits I am still trying to establish with a little help from the FlyLady in order to reign in the CHAOS. I'll check back at the end of week and see how it went.

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