Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Superman Birthday Cake

I've been puttering around all day decluttering this, running that to the post office, all the while wondering... What am I going to post?

Then, as I was browsing one of my favorite blogs, I remembered ... I've never posted the picture of Joseph's birthday cake!  I've been meaning to do this for quite some time. So, well, here it is...

This amazing creation is thanks to two very special women.

First, my mom. Mom decorated cakes, including my wedding cake, for about 20 years as a side business. I remember watching in fascination as she created flowers of many varieties. For a brief period of time I even tried to learn myself, but alas at 15 I didn't have the patience.  I have no idea why Mom originally bought this pan. I'm sure she used it several times. What's really amazing is that it was still in the house. (Mom died 9 years ago and I thought we'd given all the cake decorating stuff to a cousin!) My sister and I were cleaning out a closet in early October and came across this pan, with the plastic face & emblem and a doll cake pan.  I knew if I could pull it off they would be a hit with my young ones.

Second, my friend IRL Amy. She decorates cakes too. I called on her for the icing recipe. One of the few things I remembered from Mom was that "Betty Crocker Butter Cream" would not work for this kind of decorating. Amy not only gave me the recipe, but several really good tips along the way. It was very helpful. I am very grateful.

Joseph was thrilled with his Superman cake. I was thrilled that it turned out so well.

Now, I have to figure out how to make a princess cake for Cora. I have no idea how to make the tiny flowers or the ruffles. I've got some more research to do. A pink princess birthday cake on Christmas? Can I put red flowers on a pink cake? Should be interesting!

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Amy Rainey said...

You did a great job! It looks awesome! If you want to come over one day next week we can make sugar-flowers together. They will keep until you need them.


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