Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookie Marathon! Day 3

The Cookie Marathon continues today after a brief break yesterday, so that I could go work at my Dad's house.

Currently there are Date Nut Pinwheel logs in the freezer. Once they're frozen they'll be cut into cookies and baked, probably tomorrow morning.

Just to keep things real - this is what my kitchen looks like right now:

I've got to wash a bunch of dishes before I can do the next thing.  On days like this, I really wish I had 2 bowls for my mixer. I prepped the ingredients for the Cocoons while the filling for the pinwheels was cooking. So they will be next. Then I'll work on Chocolate Chip Cookies and make the dough for the Sugar Cookies.

Since we are likely to get several inches of snow tomorrow I think we'll probably finish up the kids' Christmas shopping tonight and we will bake the sugar cookies tomorrow while it snows. Sounds like fun to me!

If you'd like to see the rest of Cookie Marathon 2009 go here.

Updated Sat. AM:  I'm pretty much done with cookies. I got the Date Nut Pinwheels & Cocoons baked. One batch of Chocolate Chips baked and then I got sidetracked by getting ready for the big snow. (20-30 inches predicted as of this morning.) My kitchen has not yet recovered, but being stuck inside all day will give me plenty of opportunity to get it cleaned - assuming I don't get too distracted watching the snow. When I finally get it all together, I'm also hoping to make the Sugar Cookies with the kids today. I'll post a final update.


Rebecca said...

Wow! Look at all of your cookies! The Reeses ones look especially tempting, but I'd sip a latte and join you for any of them. ;)

I found you via Kristen's "age reveal" -- yup, looks like you're the old lady of the bunch for now, but I'm right on your heels since I'm turning 44 in March. Blessings to you celebrating Christmas this coming week!

Amy Rainey said...

That looks like my kitchen on an average day ;)
If we do get the kind of snow they are calling for, and Sunday is affected, I will drop the decorator tips and book with Denise. Have fun baking! We are celebrating our family Christmas tonight..White Christmas.


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