Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ta Ta Ti Ti Ta

I don't remember exactly how it started.

Sometime, not too long after we got married, one of us was in the shower and needed help with something. It might have been we were out of shampoo, or a dropped bar of soap. I also don't remember who exactly started it. It might have been Hubby, it might have been me. But, there was a need to get the other person's attention.

So, the one in the shower stomped on the floor, the rhythm - Ta Ta Ti Ti Ta.

At that sound, the spouse came up to check, "What do you need?" And then whatever the problem was, the problem was solved. This method of getting each other's attention while in the shower has worked very well for us through 4 different residences.

This worked extremely well for us when I was pregnant with our first child and the smell of my soap would make me throw up. (Yes, I know you needed that image didn't you?) I would lose my breakfast, stomp my Ta Ta Ti Ti Ta and Hubby knew to come in with a very cold cup of water for me. I would rinse my mouth, drink a bit, feel better, and we would both go on with our day.

This message system has worked both ways, sometimes he needs a new bar of soap; sometimes I want him to scrub my back.

I had not realized how much a part of our daily lives this had become until very recently when my 7 year old, being quite proud of himself, had gotten into the shower on his own one morning. A shower in the morning for him was unusual, so I checked to be sure all was okay. He was fine. He just wanted a shower before school. So, I went on getting breakfast ready.

Then I heard it. "Ta Ta Ti Ti Ta" -- The stomp that said "I need something."

So I went upstairs thinking he had soap in his eye or some other painful thing happening.

"Can you scrub my back?" he said.


And then we both continued on with our day.

What can I say? "Ta Ta Ti Ti Ta"  It works for us!


~Alison~ said...

Great idea! If we had a bigger house or a second floor, I'd have to use this idea! But we live in a small rancher. So, just sliding the shower curtain aside and opening the bathroom door and yelling works for us!

I love that your 7 year old caught on with the tip!

Mari said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog today. I think this is a great idea and I love that your son is doing it too!


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