Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Menu Plan - Sept 7, 2009

I know this is Tuesday. Really I do. We have been extremely busy over the last several days cleaning out my father's house - or at least working toward cleaning out my father's house. We've been across town 1 hour away most of the last 4 days and extremely exhausted, thus I've had no time (much less energy) to develop or post a menu plan. It may be a day late, but here it is. Some people would say better late than never. I'll hope that you all feel the same.

Surprise, surprise! We actually stuck pretty close to my menu plan last week, at least we did for dinners. Breakfast was a bit different. I'll have to work on making a better plan this week, like not planning two new things in the same week. (Hubby & I loved the Baked Peach French Toast, the kids are going to take a while to convince, however. But I'm not giving up, we will definitely try this again!)

Here's what's on the plan this week:

B - scrounge whatever you can find in the fridge/cabinets quickly - Mommy ain't cooking!
D - Spaghetti, watermelon, salad bar (@ Dad's w/ extended family - cleaning out)

B - Peanut Butter Toast or Bird in a Basket
D - Lemon-Pepper Chicken in the Crockpot w/ broccoli & glazed carrots

B - waffles, scrambled eggs, fruit
D - Leftovers (something easy since I'll be away most of the day)

B - french toast & fruit
D - Tortellini (holdover from last week), watermelon, green beans

B - Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal
D - Pizza w/ ham & pineapple (using this dough and this sauce), another veggie

B - muffins, scrambled eggs, fruit
D - DH & I are attending a wedding; we'll probably have pizza leftovers for the kids

B - Cereal
D - Omelets

Lots of leftovers, PBJs, smoothies, ham & cheese sandwiches

For lots more of menu options, visit OrganizingJunkie.

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