Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Free Bacon - Really I did it!

Last week I posted about the great bacon coupon that is available at Smithfield (click here) and the possibility of free bacon. Then we ran into a few problems along the way with the coupon policies of various stores.

Well, this week I found a store that really did accept the coupon. I even got a little overage. I went to Martin's for a few things to finish out my groceries for the week and while I was there I checked out the bacon prices. Martin's has bacon on sale BOGO this week, normally it's $4.99/lb.

I bought 2 lbs. of bacon and used 2 coupons from Smithfield. When I checked out, both coupons worked without a hitch. I even got the overage. So I got $6.00 off of $4.99/2 lbs of bacon. That's $1.01 overage applied to the produce I purchased.

Yes, I am a happy camper (doing the happy dance!!)

If you don't have Martin's in your area, check out Giant. Martin's is an affiliate of Giant. You will need a Martin's loyalty card to make this deal work.

Directions on how to get your coupon:
  1. Be sure you have software to print coupons. If you don't have the software, go here or here and you should be able to download the software - it enables you to print the bar codes. The software is free and has never interfered with any other program on our computers. (Hubby, the computer geek, would not let me use it if it did!)
  2. Go to the Smithfield website and click on "sign up" (top of the webpage).
  3. Complete the Member Services Registration.
  4. When finished it should prompt you to print your coupon. You can hit the back button of your browser to print it twice.
Personally, I love Smithfield bacon, especially the Maple Flavored bacon (and no, no one is giving me anything to say that!).

Now, Go. Get your coupons. Get free bacon. For Real. Go. Now.

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