Friday, July 31, 2009

New Printable Coupons Tomorrow

With all the business of Vacation Bible School this week I haven't had much time to think about coupons and grocery deals. I did go to the grocery store this week, but just for a few essentials and, (*gasp!) I didn't even take my coupon box - I'd forgotten and left it at home.

It suddenly occurred to me that tomorrow is the first of a new month. That means there should be a whole bunch of new printable coupons available.

Be sure to visit and and get yours tomorrow.

My tips for printing coupons:
  1. If you've never done this before, you'll need to download the software. Both and SmartSource will prompt you how to do this. The software enables you to print the bar codes that come on coupons.
  2. You can print 3 to a page. I generally try to pick coupons in multiples of threes or if I've only got one, then flipping the paper around to print the second copy on the back side.
  3. You can print more than one copy of most coupons. You only need to click on your browser's back button and it will initiate a second printing of the coupons. If you have a second computer in the house (like a laptop) you may be able to print more copies.
Also, CouponsInc. has an ongoing list of "bricks" coupons and links that are currently available. These can also be printed twice by clicking your browser's back button.

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