Friday, June 5, 2009

The Power of the Phone

This isn't a new suggestion by any means, but my frugal tip for the day is to use your phone for price comparison for pick-your-own farms & produce stands.

Pick-your-own season has finally begun in Maryland and so begins my annual list of phone calls.

There are several produce stands and pick-your-own farms in my area and I want to ensure that I get the best price possible. So, I have learned to call ahead to each of the area farms to find out their current prices on various crops. I have learned which pick-your-own farm has the best price for strawberries, a different farm has the best price for blueberries and a third produce stand has the best price for peaches and apples later in the season.

So, a few days before I go out picking I make phone calls and ask.

You can find pick-your-own farms in your area here. If you live in Maryland there's a wonderful list of farms & what they produce here. I found even more farms & produce stands by doing a Swagbucks search of my County and "agriculture." (I'm still combing the list for one that sells wheat - any suggestions?)

Last year, calling ahead saved me over $20.00 just on peaches.

Use the power of your phone to save a little money!

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The Prudent Homemaker said...

You may have a hard time finding wheat on the East Coast. I have some suggestions of places on my website for places that sell wheat. I have only ordered from Walton Feed, but that's probably too expensive in shipping for you because they're in Idaho. One of the others may be a good price for you.

Wendi said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to read other "Marylander" blogs. I currently buy my wheat berries from a coop - Quail Cove Farms - it's in VA and they deliver once a month to surrounding areas. Their website can direct you to a hostess home in your area if you're interested. I've also bought a 50lb sack of wheat berries from our local Organic Market. I was able to order it at their customer service counter, and they ordered it along with their store order and called me when it came in.

As for the question you asked on my blog post about strawberry picking. We live very close to the PA border (Gettysburg) and we met my SIL at a PYO farm in Gettysburg, I can't remember the name though :)


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