Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fight Summer Boredom

This week's edition of WorksForMeWednesday is themed:

What to do when "Mom I'm Bored" strikes....

  1. Go to a park or playground.
  2. Cook something together -- anything!
  3. Go the the library - it's air conditioned even! (see #8)
  4. Visit a pick your own farm - any crop they'll eat will do.
  5. Pull out the hose and sprinkle them.
  6. Borrow a movie they've never seen from the library (see #3)
  7. Play a card game in an unusual place - like your bed!
  8. Have each child pick 2 books to read together.
  9. Go to a free movie.
  10. Eat lunch on a blanket outside - picnic style.

Each of these ideas has worked for me at some time or other. For more ideas be sure to visit WeAreThatFamily today!


The Animator's Wife said...

All fun ideas! Thanks!

Kirsty said...

These are great, thanks!


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