Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shoppers Grand Slam Weekend Coupons

I opened my paper and what to my wondering eyes should appear?
But, three fantastic coupons to save money and cheer!

Today's Carroll County Times (page C2) has a Shoppers add with three $/off coupons. The three coupons are $5/$25, $10/$50, and $15/75. You can also combine two or all three three to save up to $30 on $150 purchase. There is a limit of one set of coupons per family per order.

The add says you must clip the coupons - none are available in store. They are good for Today (Thursday 5/21) - Monday (5/25).

There's also a coupon for 24 Pack Pepsi Cubes for $3.99. You must buy 2 to get that price. It expires 5/27.

There was a similar coupon out several weeks ago that appeared in the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post. I'm guessing these same coupons will be in all those newspapers.

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