Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Save on Groceries! 17 eBooks for $17.00

Financially Pinched?

Help is on the way. The girls from MoneySavingMom and LivingOnADime have teamed up for a special e-book offer. From now through midnight March 23 you can get this great selection of e-books for a really low price.

A little over a year ago, I started using many of these same principals to help me save money on my grocery shopping. I've gone from regularly spending $120+/week to feed my family of 4 to spending under $80/week. You really can save money on groceries. You'll be surprised how a bit of knowledge and a little effort can save you money.

You can get your grocery spending under control with the Savin' O The Green e-book special, a set of 17 e-books to help you save at the grocery store and make your life easier! Along with six easy audio lessons, these e-books show you how to save money in the kitchen, save with or without using coupons, put together delicious and easy dinners and much more!

The e-books that are included in this offer are:

Supermarket Savings 101 eCourse with audio downloads (This one is hugely popular and helpful!)
470 Crockpot Recipes
Grocery Shopping On a Budget eCourse
Money Saving Meats e-book
Saving On Cleaning Supplies e-book
Eating Healthy On A Budget e-booklet
Is Eating Out Eating You Up? e-book
224 Meals In A Hurry e-book
Grocery Savings e-book
Menus That Make Cents e-book
Plan Ahead Leftovers e-book
Quick Dinners e-book
Menu Planning Made Easy
Simply Centsible Breakfasts
Simply Centsible Suppers
Kids Recipes
Menus On A Dime

This offer includes a special deeply discounted price only good until midnight March 23, so go get it now! Learn more at Savin' O' The Green. There are more detailed descriptions of each e-book when you click on the link above.

(In the interest of full disclosure: If you purchase this set of e-books through the link above, I will receive a small commission).

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