Thursday, January 22, 2009

Make Ahead Day - Results

I finished up this morning. I cut the Granola bars and cleaned up the last few dishes.

So here are the final results:
  • 3 pints of yogurt
  • 1 medium + 1 small container of granola bars
  • 23 muffins
  • 1 quart of hot chocolate
  • 2 Cup container of grits (enough for a week of breakfasts)
  • 1 1/2 container of garlic hummus
  • 1 quart bag of coffee-ice cubes
  • 1 small, really bad loaf of wheat bread
A few observations and notes from the day:

Yogurt: I need to work on my yogurt-making technique some more. I strained off 2 cups worth of whey before refrigerating it, but this morning my daughter complained that there were "chunks" in it.

Granola Bars: I'm still looking for a recipe for crunchy granola bars that don't crumble. Hubby loves these granola bars, but my son doesn't because they aren't very crunchy.

Hummus: Gotta work on this recipe too. It came too salty, and I didn't chop the garlic small enough.

Bread: Clearly I need work on this one. There were lots of issues. I don't keep "bread" flour, so I used all-purpose; that along with not letting it bake in the bread machine I think meant that it didn't have enough gluten, and therefore, didn't rise like it should have. Definitely more work to be done there.

On today's schedule is chopping up and freezing the red peppers.

For future "Make Ahead Days" I'll be making chicken stock and pancakes. I've almost got enough bones saved and frozen to make stock.

To see the saga of the whole day from beginning to end, go here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If you can figure out how to make the crockpot yogurt thicker and not lumpy, let me know! I made it for the 1st time last week, and while the taste is good, the texture is not.

To solve the problem of 6 large cups of yogurt spoiling in my fridge cuz my kids wouldn't eat it, I made granola for the first time today and it came out great! I spooned that in with the yogurt and they chowed down LOL.


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