Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why I Hate Buying Sweaters

I would like to know who the average woman is.

I know that I am shorter than the average woman.

Sweater-Hands #1

Who thinks this looks good? Do most women have unusually long arms that the sleeve would actually stop at the wrist? Or am I that weirdly proportioned?


Rebecca said...

We tease my son that he has long monkey arms. You're definitely NOT monkey girl! But it doesn't appear that your arms are unusually short.

Amy said...

I'm 5'9", and pants are always too short unless I buy special (more expensive) tall sizes. And sweater sleeves are usually a tad short, but I can live with that. I shop once or twice a year with a dear friend of mine who is quite petite... we laugh about neither of us being that "average" woman, if she even exists!

Delicious and Healthy Recipes said...

I've seen sweaters and dresses that look like a sweater and it fits perfect to the length of the arm, but they are from a store in my country. Maybe there are in yours too.


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